One of the secrets to being happy in life is working in a career that you truly enjoy and love.  Imagine waking up every morning and looking forward to going to work – perhaps making a difference in the world, changing people’s lives, putting a smile on someone’s face – or just being a viable human being in today’s stressful world!

Choosing a fulfilling career invovles carefulvocational counselling.  In my vocational counselling practice in Toronto one of the first steps I recommend is that you look closely at your strengths, skills, interests, abilities and goals.  It is very helpful working with an experienced career counsellor who can assist you in determining these important qualities.  One of the ways I assist my clients in vocational counselling is to help them discover things that they enjoy doing.  In addition, it is important to articulate your acomplishments to date, both in education, volunteer activites or personal.

The next step in vocational counselling in Toronto is to research jobs which maximize your potential.   In working with my clients, I have them respond to a series of questions that help determine their best choices for future careers.  Vocational counselling also involves understanding one’s attitudes and values and this can be assessed through the vocational counselling process.

The final step is researching what your options are:  whether you need to get further education, update your resume and cover letter, or upgrade your skills.  Perhaps you may need to get hands-on training in a specific area that will enhance your employabililty skills.  Interviewing skills could be an area that you may need coahing with to help you secure a dynamite career.

As a vocational counsellor in Toronto area, I can confidently tell you that now is the time to figure out your career path, whether you are graduating from high school, post-secondary school or changing careers.  Despite the daily recession and negative reports, many sectors are increasing rapidly in today’s economy – health care, travel and tourism and technical trades. 

Vocational counselling is the best way to help you find opportunities for your future!  Finding an area of interest, a career that fulfills your abilities and goasl, is the key to your success in life!  It is important to take the time now to determine your career opportunities – invest in vocational counselling to help maximize your potential and fulfill your expectations for your future!

It is exciting to discover your future goals and plans!   I look forward to assisting you invocational counselling!  

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Judi Berman,