Career Advisor/University + College Applications

Are you confused about what program to take at post-secondary institutions?  Are you lost in the maze of confusion about university vs. college?  Are you graduating and don’t know what to do next?  I have worked for over 29 years with adolescents and young adults helping them navigate through the challenging maze of deciding what career options to choose, and narrow down their post-secondary destinations.  Choosing the best program to meet one’s skills, talents and abilities can be overwhelming.  My goal is to personally assist you with the transition.  I will help you research requirements for apprenticeships, colleges, and universities to help you find placement in an environment that will make you feel comfortable, happy and successful for your future.

High School Course Selections

Are you currently in high school and need assistance choosing courses for your successful graduation?  I will work with you helping you plan courses that will meet post-secondary requirements, as well as bring you the best results for your success.  I would welcome the opportunity of working with you, while you are at a secondary school, whether private or public, in order to help you determine your future goals and set you up for success and fulfillment in high school.  This investment in your future is not only important but invaluable for your future!

Interview Preparation

Most of us dread having to go for an interview, but it is inevitable!  I will work with you to help you be prepared for any interview, whether it is for a job, university/college entrance or scholarship.  My one-on-one sessions with clients has proven to increase self-confidence, self-awareness and resulted in being more ready and successful for interviews.

Resume Writing

Are you struggling with the preparation and skills necessary to write a resume?  Are you having difficulty articulating your strengths, experiences and objectives?  I will work with you to empower you to write an effective resume to help get you the results you are achieving.

Scholarship Applications

There are many scholarships just waiting for your application–the trick is knowing what they are, and how to apply. It is an absolute skill being able to apply successfully for scholarships and I have worked with many successful scholarship recipients.  This process does take time and effort, but with my coaching and your skills we will work together to help you win scholarships you deserve!