Are you lost in the maze of making decisions regarding post-secondary plans?  University or College?  Confused about programs?  Interested in applying for scholarships but not sure what is available?  Need career directions?

It is important to determine your strengths, interests abilities and articulate them in a professional and confident manner. important to seek out an experienced educational and. I welcome the opportunity to help you learn about your competencies and provide needed assistance in the planning of your future. It has long been known that the secret to success is to discover your special talents and then proceed to market yourself adeptly. In our current economic climate, there are still many job and career opportunities-you just may need assistance in preparing for them.

Firstly, you need to start with a plan and dedicate your time and your energy in assessing yourself, evaluating your job search techniques, and enhancing your networking skills. If the task appears to overwhelming and you are unsure how to begin, it makes sense to work with a professional. It is important to be skilled in job search strategies, and determining an overall plan of action. I will help you prepare a “plan of action” and am confident that I can assist you on your path to success!

Every application must include a dynamic resume that immediately catches the attention of the reader. The next step is having a successful interview, which requires preparation. I offer valuable tips and strategies in mock interviews and allow you to role play as the interviewer as well as the interviewee

One of your goals should be to start networking effectively through cultivating relationships that will continuously assist you in pursuing success. I offer suggestions as to how you can make these personal, professional and academic connections.

There are many decisions you are faced with – no matter what age you are. If you are a recent graduate, from secondary school or post-secondary – you have many options: continued education, apprenticeship opportunities, co-op opportunities, full-time jobs and internships. It is very helpful to become involved in your community as your experience in community service is valued by future educational institutions and employers. Everyone has transferable skills that move with you from school, to your career. I will help you identify and enhance your transferable skills to help articulate your experiences.

My mission is to assist you on your journey for a successful career – contact me now for a consultation appointment! I am confident that I will help you find that rewarding pathway for a happy and fulfilling future!  Please feel free to contact me by email or phone.

Let an experienced counsellor assist you in making informed academic and career decisions!  I look forward to working with you!

Good luck!