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Judi Berman is formerly Head of Guidance and Career Education at Westmount Collegiate Institute and held the position of Cooperative Education and assistant Head of Business Studies.   She is a member of the Ontario School Counsellors’ Association.

Judi has been honoured with the Unsung Hero of York Award which recognizes her extraordinary services including:  friendliness, sense of humour, high level of energy, positive outlook, good listenening skills, excellent rapport with students, parents and teachers, providing direction, information, skills and resources with strong ethics and support to her clients.

Judi holds qualifications in Ontario Principals Certification, Bachelor of Education (University of Toronto) and Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (York University).  Her work experience includes Seneca College, York University, York Region District School Board and Peel Region District School Board.  Employment in the private sector at several Toronto law firms has provided her with invaluable experience.

Coaching students through the post-secondary scholarship application process has resulted in many students receiving significant amounts of monetary awards.  In addition, Judy Berman, Educational and Career Consultant, has successfully helped students with unique challenges ranging from “at risk” to special education identification.  Clientele include university and college students requiring assistance in making appropriate graduation and post-graduation decisions.   Adults seeking further education and career planning  are counselled in areas of interview skills, effective resume writing, job search strategies and vocational counselling.

Judi has mentored and motivated students, parents, teachers and counsellors in her role as career advisor in Toronto GTA. Her warmth and sense of humour, coupled with life experience inspires adolescents and adults.  Dedication, commitment and passion ensure her clients achieve success!

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I just wanted to thank you for the time you spent with our daughter. She came out of your session so enthusiastic about her future opportunities. She came home and immediately began doing more research on the programs you suggested at university. She already met with her counsellor at school and has changed her courses for next year based on your suggestions to ensure that she has the right knowledge to be better prepared for university.

It’s so fantastic to see her so motivated about her future.

Thanks again!

My youngest son, Sylvain, is starting his first day at George Brown today in Construction Trades Techniques which is one of the courses you recommended for him & My oldest son, Andrew, is in 2nd year at Centennial College in Hospitality & Tourism, also a course you recommended :). You can count us as very satisfied clients.
Thanks so much for helping us navigate the complicated world of post-secondary educational opportunities, Judi! Our son is excited about several of the schools and programs you recommended. (I never even thought of UTS!) And thanks for recommending he meet with the heads of programs and do some volunteer work and such. It’s so much better that it comes from someone other than his parents, lol! I hope he follows through….
Dearest Judi
Thank you very much for your ongoing help and support ! My daughter, husband and I had called you within a matter of two days -we got your undivided attention and really appreciate your help !!! “Everybody” is a lot happier and more on track with our daughter’s future and grade 12 year. Once again THANK YOU !!!
“In the beginning my son was very negative about going for educational and career consulting; after he met with you, on the way home my son said ‘now I understand’.”
Thanks very much for helping our daughter as she approaches this critical juncture in her school life.

It was a very worthwhile experience for her (and myself) to hear your comments and see how they helped build her confidence and also get her thinking about and looking at specific programs and options, what they require and where they may lead. She was very excited last night going through the materials your provided and thinking and talking more about possible course options and future jobs.

I know she feels uncertain and pressured at times and also has some conflicted feelings inside herself about what she can do and what she wants to do with her education and life (as do all teens I guess).
I think at some level (like she says many of her friends are) she would actually like to be aiming for something like medical school but doesn’t feel confident enough in herself to set a goal that high and risk failure. For myself I know I need to back off and let her figure it out although that is easier said than done sometimes.

Anyway, I have a a couple of friends who were interested in school/career counselling with their teens (one in particular I am thinking of right now) and I will definitely pass on a glowing recommendation regarding your services.

Since our meeting, I’ve been really busy trying to get everything together to apply to college and study for my Grade 12 midterms simultaneously. I took an immediate liking to one of the programs that you found for me and as per your advice, arranged a meeting with the coordinator.

It was great talking to him. I felt really good about it, though I was still a little nervous about submitting a portfolio as I never have before. Either way, I submitted my application before the deadline, and just waited for an answer. I’m really excited to be able to tell you that I’ve already received my acceptance! I’m going to be starting in the fall.

I just wanted to thank you very much for all your help. I doubt I would have ever been able to find the program myself, and your advice was really great! I can’t believe that a little over a month ago I had no idea what I was going to do with my life, and here I am today, accepted into a great program. I couldn’t have done it without you, thank you so much.

AMAZING! FANTASTIC! LIFE CHANGING! If you are looking for someone hands on and practical then you have found her!!!

Judi Berman was everything I was looking for but could not find!

I was frustrated in my career. I tried seeing career coaches who left me with more questions than answer! Judi Berman changed my life!

Judi is direct, easy to talk to, motivating and has a true passion for her work. She stands by the name of her business. For years I was struggling and within two sessions with Judi I had changed from a career in the teaching world (which left me miserable) into studying a Corporate Communications Program. What makes Judi stand out is that she stood by my side every step of the way!!!

I wish I had met her five years ago!! Going to see Judy Berman was the best career move!!!

“Judi knew exactly what questions to ask for her client. She had impressive knowledge of our programs and school and could really drill down for the necessary details to help students make the right choice.”

Jim Van Horne – Professor/Coordinator – Fanshawe College – London.

Capconsulting was a great help to me. Before being recommended to Mrs. Berman I was overwhelmed by the thought of moving on to a post-secondary institution. Mrs. Berman helped me to identify my abilities and interests; and she informed me of a variety of university programs which were ideal for me. Several of the programs she introduced me to are ones I would have never found out about on my own.

Mrs. Berman herself is both friendly and professional. From the moment I walked into her office, I knew I’d gone to the right place. Even after our consultations, she’s kept in touch to answer questions so that I can make the best decision about university. Moving onto post-secondary education can be tough, but capconsulting makes it much easier!

Thank you for the research you did on programs for our daughter and for your assessment of her abilities and talents to help you pick the right programs for her. She is quite excited about the programs and is working on her portfolio.

Thank you Judi. You have given us a lot of hope as we work together to get our daughter back where she can excel in a program that is better suited to her natural talent.

I was in my third year at university and had no idea what to do when I graduated. After using the services of Cap Consulting I am thrilled to say I have found an exciting direction for my future!

I would never have known myself so well had it not been for Judi Berman – she really helped me identify my skills and my abilities. I am highly recommending her services to my friends and family. Thank you Judi!

My son is in Grade 8 and was very confused about the whole high school experience, especially choosing courses and options. Since he is my oldest, I felt unable to help him with his decisions. After working with Judi, he and I feel so much more confident about the school system, the courses required to graduate and now we have a plan of action.

She was very resourceful, easy to talk to, and she really knows her stuff! She is really good at what she does! Thank you for all your support.

y daughter quit university a few years ago, since she was obviously in the wrong program. Admittedly, she only went to that university because her friends were there. Now she has been working in an unfulfilling job, and was feeling very down about herself, and her future.

After meeting with Judi Berman, she now has a viable career path and has applied for some wonderful programs. I can’t thank Judi enough for her knowledge, expertise and “getting” my daughter and what she has potential for in her future.

I am in Grade 12 and I work very hard to get high marks. I was experiencing a lot of difficulty applying for scholarships as the entire process was very overwhelming. My school only gave me papers to fill out and not much more.

I met with Judi Berman who coached me regarding which scholarships to apply for, how the application process works, and edited my resume and required scholarship essays. I am sure that I will be successful thanks to Judi’s scholarship coaching.

My son is in Grade 11 and was terribly confused about his future options. He was not motivated at all. He felt he wasn’t very good at anything!

We met with Judi Berman, who had the fabulous ability to draw out his strengths, skills, aptitude and helped him choose the appropriate Grade 12 courses for next year, as well as post-secondary programs.

Now my son is excited about school – which I still cannot believe!

I highly recommend Judi as a fantastic educational and career consultant.

Judi Berman has changed my son’s life – for the better!

He did not do very well in college, and sadly chose a program that he ended up not liking very much. His friends were all off doing their “exciting” careers, and he was sleeping all day, and had become very depressed.

I heard about Judi and convinced my son to meet with her for options. I am thrilled to say that after working with her, he now has found several options to pursue, and is motivated and excited about his future.

Judi was able to boost his self esteem by helping him identify what he has already done, and how he can apply it to his future goals.

Just wanted to let you know that our daughter got accepted to her top pick
program. We are thrilled for her and she is too. Thank you once again, we would
not be here without your help. Keep doing your amazing work – it is changing

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